Your PassKey WILL work with future versions of R/C Helper for Windows. The Registered version WILL save and load defaults and frequency board. As well as normal print out operation.

R/C Helper is SHAREWARE.

R/C Helper is Copyrighted.  The source code for R/C Helper is not available to the public, or customers.

This means you can try the program before buying it. You may use
R/C Helper for up to one month, after that time you must pay to continue using it, or discontinue using it and remove its files from your system.

Intended use:  For assisting in R/C (radio control) related hobbies.

R/C Helper may not be sold, loaned, or rented to others or 'bundled' with other software or hardware.  And may only be used on one computer at a time.  The full, "paid for" (registered) version may not be reproduced.

R/C Helper may NOT be reproduced on CD-ROM and any other media to be sold (shareware disc venders, or, free nor pay-access shareware web or ftp sites may not reproduce R/C Helper).

You may not download, obtain or otherwise be in possession of
R/C Helper in any form for the purpose of decompiling, reverse engendering, analysing internal or external operations, altering any form, mimicking, nor for any other reason other then it's designed use.

For information on buying
R/C Helper, click 'ORDER FORM' from 'About' menu pull down.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

R/C Helper comes `as-is' with no warrantee.  By downloading, installing or otherwise obtaining ZugDDC by any means you agree that you cannot hold the author of the program responcable for any loss, damages, nor legal issues of any kind, shape or form.

The R/C Helper PassKey(tm) you receive is NOT to be made available to others. To do so would violate Federal and International Copyright laws. Your registered copy may only be used on one (1) computer at a time, and may not be sold, loaned, nor rented to others. R/C Helper and/or R/C Helper PassKey may not be bundled with other software or products.

R/C Helper's registration is not transferable.
There are *no refunds* once an order has been filled.

No responsibility is taken for lost or damaged data, equipment, or dead batteries as a result of using
R/C Helper.

R/C Helper may not be used for any illegal purpose. The end user assumes all responsibility for any legal issues that may be raised by their use of R/C Helper and any related hardware or software.

By using this program you state that you understand and agree to the above terms for buying/using
R/C Helper.


Names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and any other personal information will not be sold, loaned or otherwise disclosed or outside parties. Except where a party may be in violation of the law, in which case info may be turned over to the proper law enforcement agency.